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Chiropractic Center
         of Los Angeles

Chiropractic Center of Los Angeles
Mission Statement

We believe that health provides the foundation for each person to experience life at its fullest. Symptoms of pain and stress interfere with
the body's ability to express its full potential.

Our mission is to restore function and freedom of movement in the body, increasing one's energy and obtaining physical and mental well-being.

In our office, the patient's needs are our first concern. We dedicate ourselves to providing quality health care, friendly, efficient and caring service, and patient education to achieve our goal of optimum health
for our patients and their families.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, natural health care using spinal manipulative therapy, massage, naturopathic medicine, nutritional counseling and exercise instruction. Our staff attends continuing education courses to upgrade our skills in order to ensure that we provide state-of-the-art service for our patients.

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