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Wonderful Does Not Do Them Justice !!

by sarahg2000 at Citysearch.com 01/18/06

I was unable to stand, walk, or take care of my family from my back pain and legs going numb. They were a god-send. Treatment was thorough and Dr. Botelho taught me how to do daily activities correctly to avoid a flare up. I am so grateful that i found such a wonderful office with a great doctor. Thank you Dr. Botelho !!
Pros: Friendly, Same Day Appointments, Compassionate Staff

Exceptional Healers

by tipilucy at Citysearch.com 10/10/05

When I walked in their door I was skeptical but desparate enough to try anything to get rid of chronic lower back pain. Dr. Botelho did a comprehensive examination and laid out a treatment schedule. Once treatment started I felt better each time until I finally found myself pain free for the first time in years. She's a miracle worker.
Pros: friendly, ample parking, clean

Oh what a feeling!!

by whiskeysweet at Citysearch.com 12/27/06

Dr. Botelho and Dr. Webber are amazing. If you want to find the source of your pain rather than just temporary relief you will not be disappointed. I've never been to a more thorough and caring chiro.
Pros: Parking, location, staff


by Midnight J. at Yelp.com 04/14/10

I have gone to her for years to help with lower back pain, knee's shoulders and recently hands.   
If other Chiropractors don't work for you STILL TRY DR. BOTELHO. They have different techniques.  They diagnose with "motion palpation".  You don't have to tell them whats wrong, they find out exactly whats wrong.  They use some of the same moves as other chiropractors but they also have different ones that work FOR ME.  
Everyone is different but this is really worth a try because other chiropractors don't fix the pain for me and Dr. Botelho always does!
Very nice staff and a great place.

by Kayla W. at Yelp.com on 04/16/10

I first went to Dr. Botelho on the recommendation of a friend for sciatic issues due to my pregnancy. (It had gotten so bad my 2 smallest toes on my left leg would occasionally just go numb.) Within 4 months of treatment everything was righted and I have never even felt a twinge since then!
I have since gone back for other issues, and I always notice a difference after I've gone for an adjustment, and I notice progressive healing as I continue to go.

What I like is that there is no pressure to go in for "long term" treatment. She clearly outlines the suggested treatments, but then lets you set the pace (if the pocketbook is an issue.)
I have found that even going in once a month has been hugely helpful for my muscular issues.
I have recommended her to friends, who have also given rave reviews. I am still trying to get my husband to go in for his knee issues because I have total faith that he will feel SO much better even after one treatment.

A lot of my friends who claim the chiropractic medicine is "quack medicine" my response is always "I can't argue with results..." Pain that was there is now gone.
Dr. Botelho is truly an expert in her field.
The staff at this office is SO friendly (Go Linda & Jenny!) and appointments are on time.
If you've got any kind of body aches/pains.. it won't hurt to give them a try!

by Matt A. at Yelp.com on 05/26/10

I went in for upper back and hip issues due to 12-hour days at a computer. I had developed such intense chronic pain in my back that it made me want to vomit, and completely sidelined me from doing any physical exercise (I had at one point been in the gym 5-6 days per week.

Working with Dr. Botelho over the past month has helped me regain strength, flexibility, and all but eliminate my chronic pain. Not only has she effectively treated my problems, she has also educated me on the workings of the body more so than any other health professional I have seen.

One of the issues she diagnosed and then successfully treated was an issue in my hip flexor area that an orthopedic surgeon dismissed as "getting older."

Not only do I feel 200x better, it is great to have the consciousness of mind to know what I can and can't do and how it will affect my back and the rest of my body.

Great office, great, friendly, flexible staff (I always have to reschedule). Awesome experience all-around!

By B.K. at Yelp.com on 06/12/10

I have been to several chiropractic office and had a range of experiences. With the energetic and effective Dr. B, I am actually feeling the results and HIGHLY recommend her.

Like a lot of people, I sit in front of the computer all day, usually in bad posture and I also drive a lot, this being Los Angeles. Past doctors were all friendly but not one doctor was as thorough every time as Dr. B. Most times they assess you, and then just adjust you on a weekly basis, in a large communal room with several beds together - like an assembly line. Plus you only feel good for a few days and the exact same kink is back. But with Dr. B I have felt results - the huge knots on my shoulder/neck is slowly getting smaller, the tension in my neck is shifting and going away.

Dr. B is also one of the few offices that are open earlier in the day, for those of us w/ 9-6 hours. The whole office is really friendly and there is even a small parking lot in the back.

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By L.S.A. at Yelp.com 05/05/11

Dr. Roth has literally “changed my life”. A few years ago, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, with a high fasting blood sugar. I tried for several years to work on it on my own – watching my diet, etc. Nothing really did the trick, until I had a complete workup with Dr. Roth, and she was able to balance what was out of whack with my body. She is also helping me sleep better at night and I have more energy during the day. I am no longer a fan of multi-vitamins or the latest this-is-the-best-supplement-ever. Dr. Roth has given me exactly what I need – no more, no less. Her program is geared to what I need, so it motivates me to be diligent. I am such a believer, that I have also referred my daughters and granddaughter to Dr. Roth!

By Effie B. at Yelp.com 03/11/12

Thank you so much for 14 years of keeping me walking. I have had two spinal surgeries. Dr. Weber and Dr. Botelho have been so sensitive to my condition, my idiotic injuries, my active career, and even my budget from day one. I cannot afford to go as frequently as I would like, but after Dr. B's diligent care for years, often all I need is an adjustment every few months now, or when I hurt myself. Linda even coached me through a horrific break-up when I had no one else to talk to. Jenny is always upbeat and smiling. Everyone seems to happy to see me when I come in, which is a great feeling. The gorgeous flowers on the reception desk (and the candy) is always welcoming. I love the full-wall wilderness murals in each exam room. I would love to see the office modernize the waiting room a bit, but the place is always clean and homey. Magazines are new. And it's beside the point anyway, because they run such a tight ship that there is almost NEVER a wait. This place is so fabulous that I pay out-of-pocket even though my insurance would cover for me to see another chiropractor. After all, I couldn't trust just anyone to hold my limp head in their hands and crack my neck. And I would never trust anyone who relies on electronic gadgets for adjustments. Dr. B. is the real deal. And if you are lucky enough to get in to see Dr. Weber when he's in town, you'll see where she got it from. I cant praise this place enough.

By Randy C. at Yelp.com 03/19/12

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Bothelo & her team (especially the always kind Linda). I had a serious disc injury that allegedly needed surgery. I went here and avoided going under the knife. Plus, the follow up maintenance / therapy has kept me going strong for over a decade. Seriously, if you want attentive service and help maintaining a long-term healthy lifestyle, go to Chiropractic Center of Los Angeles. Listen to your Uncle Randy, don't neglect your back. Take care of it.

By Angela M. at Yelp.com 04/04/12

I've been seeing Dr. Bothelo & the massage therapist Veronica for adjustment and massage regularly for the past 9 months. When I went for my first appointment, I was so weak with a back injury I couldn't open a jar of salsa. The treatments I've received have made a dramatic impact on my life and I can now do normal, every day activities, as well exercise!
I had never received a chiropractic adjustment or gotten a massage before I came here. Now, I'm a huge proponent of both!

By Kari Jo M. at Yelp.com 07/02/12

Trying out a new massage place, you really never know what you're in for. I purchased a
Groupon and thought that for the price, it was definitely worth giving this office a try.

I spoke with Linda on the phone and she was wonderfully friendly. That goes a long way and I certainly appreciated it, being a new client and a groupon holder as well.

The exterior is unassuming, and they have parking around back (yay!). And then you walk into this beautiful office - the interior is immaculately clean and professional, and very nicely decorated. Big cushy chairs and a wide selection of magazines await you should you need them. I was very pleasantly greeted by Jenny, and directed down the hall to a spotless and perfectly appointed massage room. The temperature was perfect and the music at just the right level. The air was clean and not pumped full of obnoxious odors, the massage table was covered in clean linens and was perfectly cushy and new feeling. Besides for my yapping, the office was quiet, calm, and uber relaxing.

My massage therapist was (wait for it... get ready for excessive gushing and carrying on, because I have exhibited great restraint thus far and I will thank you kindly to appreciate that - you almost thought I was a normal calm person...) AMAZING. HE WAS AWWWEEESSSSOOOOMMMMMME. Nagee was friendly and easy to talk to, and carefully listened to my various gripes (my shoulders bla bla hands bla bla pinched nerve maybe bla bla bla kittens bla bla bla). He did a FANTASTIC job. I can handle a lot of pressure (so he noticed) and without my saying anything he knew exactly where to target and expertly worked on all the rotten hoogie boogie kinks behind my shoulders, in my arms, down my back. I have absolute faith in his skills - he knew exactly what he was doing and hunted down every knot and pinch perfectly. If you go, be sure and demand Nagee. Unless I'm trying to get an appointment with him, because I WILL fight you for it.

I will absolutely positively be back - I highly highly highly recommend Chiropractic Center of LA. If I could add glitter and dancing unicorns to this review, I would do it. Don't even bother looking up another office - trust me. I've already made another appointment for next week, and one tomorrow with the doctor for a consult.

Check this wonderful place out, you will be so glad you did. They offer a wide range of supportive services (from chiropractic to nutrition), and are absolutely a must-try.

By Sarah M. at Yelp.com 07/31/12

I bought a groupon for a massage and this was by far the BEST massage I have ever received! I had Veronica and she knew exactly the kind of pressure to apply. I am really ticklish and most massages end with me more tense because I'm trying not to squirm around. Not with Veronica- I never squirmed...not even once. And the next day I felt amazing- all of my knots had been broken up. Brilliant! I will definitely be going back. And I heard there is a special this month and in August to see their N.D., so I will be making an appointment to see her, too.

By Monique C. via E-Mail 09/27/12
I highly recommend Chiropractic Center of Los Angeles. Dr Botelho is amazing and the very best. I have had treatments all over the world - London, Paris, Bangkok, Italy, and Los Angeles just to name a few - but with no successful result. I was in pain for two years. Dr Botelho truly excels in her field. She knows exactly how to help me with my sciatica and protruding disc on my lower lumber spine, neck and shoulder pain, and migraines. She takes the extra time to explain what she is doing so that I fully understand the care I receive. Now I am pain free thanks to Dr Botelho. I also am very impressed with the fantastic customer service that I have received by the staff at the front desk from Linda and Jenny. For the massage therapy Peter and Marilyn are the best. Chiropractic Center of Los Angeles offers excellent care and services I highly recommend!

By Love M. at Yelp.com 01/30/13

I came here for a massage recently and had the best experience. Everyone from the receptionist to the massage therapist was WONDERFUL. Each person was so nurturing and soothing. The massage room was cozy and quaint, and very quiet. I would definitely return to this place because the massage therapist and the receptionist were so kind and pleasant to deal with, which is part of the whole therapeutic experience. They made everything so easy and pleasant. Took off one star because I had to park on the street, a block away. There was no parking available in the back.

By GE K. at Yelp.com 02/01/13

Absolutely great experience! I had a groupon for this place - set up the appointment the day before no problem (receptionist was very friendly). I came in and the whole atmosphere was very inviting. I filled out a quick form and was taken to my room right away (the receptionist was just as nice and welcoming as she was on the phone).

My massage therapist Sal came in and we chatted very briefly about what I wanted to get done (full body massage) and then he just went to work. Fantastic massage - really good, consistent pressure and he did a great job working out my knots. I came out feeling wonderful and I even got a coupon to use for my next visit! I can't wait to go back. I was told that there was a lot around the corner, behind the establishment, but I just did metered street parking right in front (there's plenty) for $1.50 for an 1hr and a half.

By Adele R. at Yelp.com 02/22/13

Tried them out from a Groupon since I have long been looking for a place to get regular, deep therapeutic massage and they're not far from where I live. Great experience from start to finish. Warm and sincerely ebullient greeting from the wonderful receptionist, Jenny (who was great on the phone too). Everything was simple and relaxed, from intake form, to going into the treatment room, to checking out afterward (and getting a coupon for the next massage!). And most importantly, the massage therapist, Zumi, was excellent -- professional, skilled, kind, and did wonderful deep and thorough work that I've been needing and looking for. I'll definitely go back!

By LookwhosYelping I. at Yelp.com 06/04/13

Dr. Botelo is the absolute best! I've been a patient here off and on over the years, and always get wonderful care here. I highly recommend the adjustment/ massage therapy combo if you have a little extra time because they therapists on staff here are excellent.

By Cristina C. at Yelp.com 11/07/13

I am a medical doctor who has needed my own medical care over the last year, and was growing unhappy with the results and generally uncaring bedside manner I was encountering with my doctors. Tired of doctor shopping, I turned to naturopathic medicine, and after just one visit with Dr. Roth i already feel better, and I think I understand why. The conventional medical model is fixated on convincing you that you are "fine" if you're not sick with a serious disease. This probably comes from the disillusionment and feeling of isolation that doctors develop in their training, taking care of the sickest, poorest patients on little to no sleep. Then, when they are churned out into the real world, a patient with gastric reflux seems healthy in comparison and even possibly overreacting. Naturopathic medicine is different in that it analyzes all of the factors contributing to your symptoms that YOU have control over, and what YOU can do about them, without developing dependence on a doctor. Dr. Roth indeed sits down with you and develops a multifaceted treatment plan with labs, diet/supplementation, and lifestyle advice that you might not get from a medical doctor. She also communicates well and helps you feel that you are truly being managed - not just made to make a followup appointment. It would be hard to convince someone that a patient in the throes of an active heart attack shouldnt run to a hospital right away, but for chronic conditions, naturopathic medicine's approach is vital.


By Moses N. at Yelp.com 01/08/14

I have been seeing Dr Botelho for a decade now.  I never feel physically better, than when she is treating me.  She has always treated me with the utmost respect and patience, and seems to genuinely care for her patients.  She is simply superb in her treatments, not only in mastering the chiropractic technique, but in having a knack for feeling the pain of us patients...and I mean that both physically and psychologically.  Without her expert care, I would be little more than a cripple, unable to function in life.  I wish I had the verbal skills to say more words of praise, because she so much deserves it.  I very highly recommend her services.

By J.S @ Yelp.com 07/09/14

Dr. Roth is nothing less than a game-changing health-care provider. Thanks to her, I am finally beginning to feel well again after many years of illness. Even better, I know which choices I need to make to stay well. Before I began working with Dr. Roth on my health, I had seen eleven other doctors over a seven year period, including two other naturopaths. No one has helped me figure out my body as Dr. Roth has; she gets to the root cause of illness, rather than merely treating symptoms. I had been told many times that it was "all in my head" and was often given incomplete information about the reasons I wasn't feeling well. From the first appointment, Dr. Roth has always taken extra time to explain to me what every test result and symptom meant as well as pointing me toward scientific articles to back up her explanation; by doing so, she has built up in me an incredible trust of her wisdom and the scientific ethic she brings to her work. She has always given me full and accurate information about my results and her recommendations; yet she has allowed me to work at my own pace, as inevitably true health is only obtained through lifestyle changes. She has also worked in concert with my MD, explaining results that often go unexplained by an MD in a ten minute appointment. Although I experienced significant relief in a few months on Dr. Roth's advice, it has taken me four years to get to where I am now, largely because I needed to work at a slower pace so I could keep up with my life. Every time I was ready, Dr. Roth was there with another step I could take to feel even better. Dr. Roth taught me that while there is no "magic bullet," there are most certainly solutions for many chronic health problems, and I don't have to suffer if I am willing to do the work. She is a seeker of truth, in my opinion, and will not stop until she gets to the bottom of things. She also listens with a level of attention that is rare, and I think this means she picks up on a great deal that many others would miss. It has been a pure pleasure to work with her over the years, and I imagine that even when I am at 100%, I will keep her as my doctor.

By Pascal G. @ Yelp.com 08/19/14

been misdiagnosed for 6 month by my GP and neurologist. Went to see Maya and I started to get answers on the 1st visit: Vitamin B12 deficiency confirmed by some additional blood tests/genetic testing I like the fact that Maya takes time to explain and educate the patient.

By John K. @ Yelp.com 08/27/14

I've been waiting for about 9 months to give you guys a review of this place. I came to this place in February of 2014 and it is August of 2014, its been roughly about 5-6 months. I 'd previously went to another chiropractor who had done nothing for me. When I first came to this place I couldn't even walk. My body was crooked 45 degrees to the left, it looked like I broke my body. I was having back Spasms which made it impossible to use my legs because they'd crumble due to the pain. The first day of treatment I had to be carried to my car and thought I'd never recover. Dr. Botelho reassured me that I'd get better and said she'd seen plenty of patients like me and not to worry. I came everyday for 2 weeks and day by day funny enough my body came around. It's been about 5 months now and I'm running, jumping and doing martial arts. I seriously cannot thank the people in the office and Dr Botelho enough for helping me recover and having such positive vibes. This is by far hands down the best place to get your back fixed. I used to fly out of country to get my back checked because there were so many terrible doctors but now I can safely say that I've found a home for treatments.

Hands down the best.

By JT F. @ Yelp.com 01/12/15

I have never had a Chiropractor that knows exactly what I need every time I go in. When I 1st came to Doctor Botelho I had done something to my neck in my sleep and could hardly move it. After 1 treatment I had full range of motion again and almost completely pain free. After the 2nd time seeing her I was 100% and now go 1x a moth to keep everything balanced or when I have an issue. She is definitely one of the best and very affordable! If you are having any issues go see her and let her help you!

By Ian D. @ Yelp.com 02/25/15

I've needed to make use of the services of Dr. B and the Chiropractic Center's cadre of massage therapists for a fair number of years now. Dr. B and her massage therapists do excellent work and the support staff is courteous and professional. Over the years, I've referred quite a few people to her offices and will continue to do so.



By Danielle B. @ Yelp.com 04/06/15

I am really impressed with the care I've received with Maya. She had fresh approached to my medical issues that affected significant change to my health. We were able to treat my problems using less invasive interventions with no side effects. I am so grateful that I took my friend's stellar recommendation.

By Cheri O. @ Yelp.com 04/15/15

I've been seeing Dr. Botelho for a recent accident and I couldn't have chosen a better office than hers. The staff is so warm and welcoming and very accommodating with my busy schedule. Thank you to Dr. Botelho, Jenny, and Linda, for everything!! It will be a bitter sweet day when I'm all better.

By Jeff S. @ Yelp.com 04/20/15

It's been about 5 weeks since I was rear ended and had terrible whip lash, and thanks to Dr. Bothelo and her amazing massage therapist I feel great. Jenny and everyone else here will bend over backwards to make sure you can get in, I would recommend them to anyone and I already have!

By Sarah C. On Yelp.com 07/10/15

Thank goodness for my friend Vince recommending Dr. Botelho! I was in so much back pain. I went to two different chiropractors before her. I felt good after I left but the next day would still feel the same pain. I was about ready to give up but then my friend recommended her. He said that she literally saved his life. My first appointment with her some of the pain went away and I felt a lot better. I still had a little bit of pain but I could tolerate it. She recommended that I come back for three more sessions. I am so glad that I did because after that I was back to normal. From now on I will always go back to her and I will recommend all of my friends to go to her. Thank you so much Dr. Botelho

By Denise K. @ Yelp.com 10/14/15

Dr. Botelho is incredible. I have had back and neck problems for a long time that were really aggravated after being rear-ended in a car accident. I found her chiropractic services online, so I tried her out. I was skeptical because the chiropractor I was seeing before didn't have any impact. Dr. Botelho's office was a completely different experience. She's an expert. She assess your entire body, finds the blocks and tightness and dislodged it. To me, she works more as a kinesiologist. She stretches your muscles, loosens the joints, and has even stretched the inside of my mouth and jaw, helping tremendously with the muscle tension I have from grinding, which can contribute to my neck stiffness. Her chiropractic adjustments are thorough and therapeutic. Since I've been seeing her my spine is much less tense and my mobility has greatly increased. I highly recommend her. She's clearly someone who is passionate about her work and her patients, and an expert at her craft. I would recommend her to any of my friends. The office is at a very convenient location, there's free parking, and she always runs on time. Bonuses!



By Ed P. @ Yelp.com 12/08/15

I'll keep this as short as possible.  I'm very happy to had found Dr. Roth as I was desperate at the time for finding help on an unknown issue.  Working with her is like getting a glimpse of what medicine COULD be:  cutting edge, integrative and personable.

I love that she requested tests that actually made sense - for example, I find it curious that psychiatrists don't measure the neurotransmitters or related chemistry before and after prescribing such powerful mind-altering chemicals.  So, after these simple tests, it made sense why some meds worked and others didn't.  I mean, every mechanic knows to measure the oil levels via the dipstick to the point where it becomes a habit (I was a mechanic once).  Same is true for some of the genetic tests she requested; if the enzymes are not fabricated...no wonder there are problems!

I would normally deduct a star for payment or convenience - but as you know by now 'Insurance' does not cover medicine that actually heals.  It's all about patching you up and 'off you go..."

Best Wishes to the Dr., I hope to return soon :-)


By Matty P. @ Yelp.com 12/17/15

I recently went into Chiropractic Center of LA with a terribly painful pinched nerve in my mid-back.  The pain shot down my right arm and was completely debilitating .

When I called CCLA, they were fortunately able to see my that day.  I was pleasantly greeted by Jenny at the front desk.  I had pre-filled out their patient intake form which I highly recommend you do prior to your first visit. It just makes things go much faster.

With very little wait time, I was being seen by Dr. Botelho.  She's a very kind mannered lady who ran me through all the full diagnostics to determine the exactly source of all my pain.  By the time my appointment ended, Dr. B had pretty much identified the problem spot, adjusted my back, and gave me some decompressing traction and massage.  I immediatley had some relief, so I scheduled more appointments.

Dr. B even recommended getting massage or acupuncture in conjunction with her treatment.  I opted for acupuncture since I also have a good acupuncturist.

After about 4-5 sessions with Dr. B and a few acupuncture sessions, I no longer have any pain in my back, shoulder, or right arm.  I firmly believe that her adustments and massage contributed to the majority of my recovery and I couldn't be happier with the treatment I received.

Thank Dr. Botelho and everyone at CCLA.

Tiips on seeing Dr. B:

Free parking in rear of building (use alley for access)
Complete patient intake form (available on their website) if it's your first time
Relax and trust Dr. B

By Jen F. @ Yelp.com 01/08/16

I started feeling pressure in the back of my head late afternoon yesterday.  I made a very last minute appt with Dr. B and boy am I glad I did.  I'm walking away with no pain and a stretchy new hip (Bonus!!).  I'm not even kidding when I say Dr. B is a miracle worker.

By Christopher S. @ Yelp.com 04/18/17

Dr. Botelho is patient, gentle and effective.  Her treatments always get me back on track physically.  Along with my usual back issues, she has been able to help with my should and foot pain too. 

The office also does great theraputic massage.  Their prices are fair and the service is excellent.  I'm a loyal customer for 3 years.


By Chris A.@ Yelp.com 07/07/17

This is an old school doctor's office with a competent doctor and a chill front desk. Nothing flashy, nothing shiny and no hype.  Dr. Botelho is a petite, strong fingered, highly energized chiropratcor thatis cautious with your injuries but efficient in realigning not just the spot that has the immediate symptoms of the pain, but the other misalignments in the body which feed into it.  She reminds me a little of a female David Spade and has a positive attitude.  Quick and well-practiced, I have gone a number of times for neck and shoulder pain, (which she successfully addressed), and sent friends her way as well.


By Kara M. @ Yelp.com 10/19/17

I had personally never been to a chiropractor before so I was nervous about trying someone out.
-My best friend started going to Dr. Botelho when she could hardly walk anymore.  She is a professional dancer and her body was breaking down.  She went to Dr. Botelho 5 times and she was back to dancing.
-My best friend referred my husband, he has a terrible back from sitting all day for work. He couldn't even sleep comfortably without being in pain. He went to Dr. Botelho for three sessions and he was back to the gym feeling 100%
-About a year later I got rear ended.  My hips were all out of place, my lower back was in so much pain, I felt like my bones were grinding every time I walked.  I have gone twice now (My third session is tomorrrow) and I am back to running, yoga, and spin classes.

All I can say is thank you!


By Monica M. @ Yelp.com 12/04/17

The only thing I am mad about is that I didn't come here sooner!  After about a week of neck pain and immobility, I went to my primary care doctor who had no parking, made me wait an hour, and in the end just prescribed me muscle relaxants that didn't work and made it worse.  I was recommended to Dr. B from one of my friends and in a matter of 2 weeks, I wake up pain free!  I almiost cried the first morning I woke up pain free.  Thanks, Dr, B!!


By Jeremie B. @ Yelp.com 01/09/19

Went there a few months ago in broken pieces.  Life hassles took a toll on my back.  As I got to a point of misery, my wife suggested I contact Jennifer, whom she had the pleasure of being introduced to through a friend.
As is the case for many people, finding a great Chiro is no easy task.  At all. So much so that I had not even tried once to tackle the project of screening and finding one.
Long story short, a few months fast forward my first meeting and then poof!  Discal hernia pain almost gone. Neck pain, almost gone too. You gotta play your part too and exercise a couple minutes a day as she instructs everyone to do. that surely helps.  Overall, her bedside manner and her expertise worked wonders on me.  And I was hopeless...
A+++++ and thanks Jennifer for changing my life for the better!

By Jhoana D. @ Google.com 01/10/19

I've been seeing Dr. B regularly for more than a decade.  Compared to the 5 chiropractors I had seen before, she is a definite stand out.  As bodily needs chage everyday, she always takes the time to FEEL your spine, head, shoulders, etc. before adjusting.  Like her, she has a wonderfully warm, personable, and sincere staff who are practically family, too. Her massage therapists are fantastic, too, and I also see them regularly also.  I can't say enough good things about them all.