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Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of health care - a medical art, a prevailing science, a unique philosophy, and a healing profession. Naturopathic medicine is distinguished by the guiding principles upon which its practice is based. These principles are the common denominator in how naturopathic doctors around the world practice medicine, the foundation of naturopathic medical education and post-graduate residency training, and the distinguishing feature of the profession.

Guiding principles of Naturopathic Medicine:

  • First, do no harm - primum non nocere
  • The healing power of nature - vis medicatrix naturae
  • Identify and treat the causes - tolle causam
  • Doctor as a teacher - docere
  • Treat the whole person - tolle totum
  • Prevention - the most sensible cure

Naturopathic doctors are trained to take the unconventional approach - focus on the determinants of health and not those of disease. While many systems of medicine and healing arts that are in existence today can help people feel better, naturopathic medicine is unique in that it recognizes that restoration of health is not equivalent to treatment of disease. Naturopathic medicine regards disease as a dynamic process and not a pathologic entity. From the perspective of pathology, a number of disease entities have no identifiable cause and curative treatment. However, if approached from the perspective of wellness, every illness has an underlying process that is disturbing health and causing physical or emotional imbalance. Naturopathic doctors understand the hierarchy of healing that begins with reestablishing conditions for health and restoring balance.

Hierarchy of healing in naturopathic medicine through therapeutic order:

  • Establish the conditions for health
  • Stimulate self-healing mechanisms
  • Support weakened or damaged systems or organs
  • Address structural integrity
  • Address pathology using specific natural substances, modalities or interventions
  • Address pathology using pharmacologic or synthetic substances
  • Suppress pathology

Naturopathic medicine offers an in depth look at the whole person, beyond superficial symptoms, in order to identify the underlying imbalance. It has the ability to build awareness of and bridge the growing gap in patients' health care experiences and expectations. Owing to the fact that it is tailored specifically to each individual's unique lifestyle, it has the tremendous power to change lives. Whether you are considering care or a career in naturopathic medicine - welcome to our community and best wishes on your journey toward broader awareness of your healthcare options and overall better health!

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